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  • Hole in hole accuracy of the new Pedersoli 1854 Lorenz rifle

    Dear All, We always pay attention to each and every minor details of a historical arm when we start reproducing a part of our common history. The development always takes a long time. And when the new firearm is ready we can't wait till its story is filled with life at the range. Because we make the firearm, but it is you, our shooters, hunters, collectors who fill them with spirit. The load development of a new arms is always an exciting project. Here is the detailed story of Capandball...

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  • First look of the Pedersoli 1854 Lorenz Type II rifle

    The Pedersoli rifle musket line is just going to get another family member. The well know Austrian Lorenz rifle was used in the most devastating conflicts of the 19th century and it marks the end of the age of muzzle loaders. Please check our showcase:  

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  • Shooting the original Springfield rifle musket by Capandball

    We have some interesting stuff for you here. An original U.S. 1863 rifle musket in action, sending lead again 50, 100 and 200 meters downrange. The Capandball YouTube channel also made a review about our Silver Line Springfield, and now here is the test of the original. And in case you have missed the video about the Pedersoli 1861 Springfield, here is your chance to view it:

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  • The original service method for cleaning your U.S. rifle musket bore

    Extracts from: Rules for the management and cleaning of the rifle musket, model 1863, for the use of soldiers with descriptive plates. (Washington, 1863) After dismounting the barrel from the stock, the soldier had to follow these steps: „To clean the barrel: 1st. Stop the hole in the cone with a peg of wood; pour a gill of water (warm if it can be had) into the muzzle; let it stand a short time to soften the deposit of the powder; put a plug of soft wood into the muzzle and shake the water...

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