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  • The new Pedersoli Whitworth rifle

    Some good news to post: we have just started the production of the iconic long range military target rifle of the mid 19th century. Sir Joseph Whitworth, an excellent engineer experimented with various rifling methods to extend the range of the muzzle loading rifle muskets. In the 1850s he designed a small calibre fast twist hexagonal bore rifle, that started the age of long range sport shooting as well. This rifle proved extremely effective in the hands of the Confederate sharpshooters...

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  • Hunting with Pedersoli muzzleloaders

    Let me draw your attention to a few new content our users shared recently about some great memories they seized with Pedersoli muzzleloading guns. Turkey hunting with a Pedersoli 10 ga shotgun The first article goes into the very details of hunting with a muzzleloading shotgun. Toby Bridges, a well know expert of blackpowder hunting, guides you through the steps of developing a good load for your ML scatter gun. Click here to read the full article! Big game hunting with the Pedersoli...

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  • Cleaning the Remington with complete disassembly

    The complete method Check if the gun is unloaded. Put the hammer in half cock, release the loading lever and pull the axis forward to remove the cylinder from the frame. Unscrew all the nipples. Remove the grip panels by removing their screw. Loosen the main spring screw located at the front side of the grip frame. Use a brass rod and hammer to push out the strong end of the main spring from it recess. Unscrew the screw of the trigger guard and remove the trigger guard. Unscrew the...

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  • What makes a percussion revolver shoot straight?

    Did you ever wonder what makes a percussion revolver shoot straight? What is the difference between a cheap and a more expensive repro? Well, here are the answer you are looking for. When I decided to start blackpowder shooting, I knew I want a percussion revolver. All my experienced shooter friends told me to start with a single shot percussion pistol or rifle to learn the basics, but I guess blackpowder shooting isn't really about logical decisions so I bought my first 1858 New Model Army...

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  • 17 simple rules of percussion revolver accuracy

    Always do everything the same way. While developing your load change only one element one time. Limit your load to the lightest possible still giving a tight group. Use corn meal filler to lift the ball to the level of the mouth of the chamber. Use the same volume of corn meal in all the chambers. Slug your bore and use a ball matching the groove to groove diameter of your bore. Slug your chambers: it should size the ball close to your groove to groove diameter. Slug...

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