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  • An outstanding person and a dedicated Pedersoli firearms user

    We are proud all of our customers, but there are some times when we we have to look for the words to express how much respect we have for a shooter. In 2004,  Rhett Brown of Whangaret former NZ Police Officer and construction worker suffered a fractured spine when he fell  3 metres from scaffolding on a construction site – landing on his head! Rhett is confined to a wheelchair and has full-time medical support, but his disability has not stopped him taking up a new sport of single shot...

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  • The birth of the 1873 Springfield Trapdoor rifle

    The end of the civil war left huge quantities of surplus military equipment in the Government stocks. The war that took more than 600.000 thousand American lives saw a great number of new inventions on the battlefield including the repeating rifles firing self-contained metallic cartridges. The war ended and the Government with exhausted finances was not keen on spending money on anything that was designed for killing. While in Europe great changes were taking place in infantry tactics. The...

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  • Hickok45 shooting the Lyman/ Pedersoli Sharps again

    Please check Hickok45's second video about shooting our Lyman/Pedersoli Sharps. Excellent little demonstration about our rifle.  

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  • 23rd Annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match review

    [caption id="attachment_111" align="alignnone" width="474"] Dean Andvik, Kindred, ND, winner of the Pedersoli Quigley rifle[/caption] We are really proud that we can support such excellent sportshooting events like the 23rd Annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match held June14-15, 2014 in Forsythe, MT. These people keep the spirit of those great old times alive. Please let me share with you the letter of Mr. Buz Coker, director of the Match.   "Dear Mr. Pedersoli, I would like to thank...

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  • Updates on the low recoil 45/70 short range load

    On Saturday I took the low recoil offhand shooting cartridges to the range for some testing. Shot the rifle from a sandbag, and it proved quite accurate at 50 m, with managable recoil. At 100 it was poor against my long range cartridges, but at 50 m the bullets hit the same hole. On Sunday we had a 50 m offhand BPCR match that I shot with these BPCR cartridges (34 gr 3Fg Swiss, corn meal filler, cardboard wad, .458" 405 Grain Lyman bullet, soft Minié lube, no crimp). The first 5 shots went...

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  • Short range target load for a Pedersoli 45/70 bore

    I am just preparing for the weekend with some low recoil 50 meters loads for my Pedersoli Rolling Block 45/70 rifle for offhand shooting. I loaded 28 cartridges with 34 grains of 3Fg Swiss powder + 25 grains of semiola + a cardboard wad + a 405 grain Lyman flat point bullet sized to .458". Overall cartridge length: 68,77 mm, no crimp, fire formed cases. Lube is my soft lube with 0W40 engine oil + besswax + tallow. I usally shoot heavier bullets (Lyman Postel) with heavier loads (55 grains...

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