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  • Shooting With Pedersoli's 1-in-24 Twist .50 Caliber RB-ML Rifle

    While the rifle shown here, the Pedersoli .50 caliber No. 209 primer ignition in-line Rolling Block Muzzleloader, may have a very mid to late 1800's look to it, this rifle is actually somewhat advanced over the vast majority of other .50 caliber in-line rifle models on the market right now.  And, that would be due to the fact that the rifling twist of this rifle's bore is a snappy 1-in-24 twist ... while every other production run in-line .50 caliber rifle comes with a 1-in-28 rifling twist....

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  • 46 medals won with Pedersoli guns at the European Championships

    A week has passed since the muzzle loading guns went silent in Barcelos, Portugal closing the MLAIC European Championships of this year. 230 shooters gathered from all around Europe to celebrate historical shooting. We were there also of course, and it was so good to see all the enthusiasm the black powder shooters share. Muzzle loading is our language of communication and we are all happy and lucky we can speak it. The exceptional performance of the shooters amazes us each time we see them...

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