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  • Shooting With Pedersoli's 1-in-24 Twist .50 Caliber RB-ML Rifle

    While the rifle shown here, the Pedersoli .50 caliber No. 209 primer ignition in-line Rolling Block Muzzleloader, may have a very mid to late 1800's look to it, this rifle is actually somewhat advanced over the vast majority of other .50 caliber in-line rifle models on the market right now.  And, that would be due to the fact that the rifling twist of this rifle's bore is a snappy 1-in-24 twist ... while every other production run in-line .50 caliber rifle comes with a 1-in-28 rifling twist....

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  • Commercial Remington 45/70 cartridges vs. ballistic gelatin

    Continuing the ballistic gelatin tests of the 45-70 Government cartridges. This time an original 1886 Winchester rifle and a Pedersoli 1886/71 lever action rifle are used to fire the 405 grain SP and 300 grain SJHP Remington cartridges in ballistic gelatin blocks. By the Capandball youtube channel.

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  • Shooting an original 18th century flintlock short rifle

    This short video is leading us back to the early days of European flintlock rifle hunting.  The story of a short rifle or "Stutz" made in Bayern or Austria sometime in the 1740s. These rifles were designed with the mounted hunter in mind. Large calibre rifled bore with an elegant waterproof flintlock. What else do you need for a great day at the shooting range?  

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  • Extreme accuarcy: Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken meets saboted bullets

    Another excellent article by Toby Bridges: "In a roundabout manner, NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING played a bit of a role in the introduction of the 1-in-24 twist .50 caliber Missouri River Hawken rifle.  At the 2005 and 2006 SHOT Shows, I had made it a point to pay the Davide Pedersoli & Co. display a visit...to kind of keep up on what the company had new, and to visit with my old friend Pierangelo Pedersoli - who now runs that gunmaking operation.  A few years earlier, working with...

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  • A Study Of Muzzleloading KE by Toby Bridges

    Another excellent hunting related article posted by Toby Bridges on http://www.namlhunt.com: "The limited range of traditionally styled reproduction muzzle-loaded rifles of the 1960's and 1970's can be attributed to the old-style projectiles of the period.  When it comes to retaining game-taking energy at any real distance, the patched soft lead round ball is the least effective hunting projectile.  Now, this isn't meant to rekindle arguments with die-hard patched round ball shooters...it's...

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  • Muzzle loading wild boar hunting in Italy

    The story of a beautiful day of blackpowder hunting in Braggia, Italy, featuring some well know faces of the blackpowder hunting World.

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  • Hunting with Pedersoli muzzleloaders

    Let me draw your attention to a few new content our users shared recently about some great memories they seized with Pedersoli muzzleloading guns. Turkey hunting with a Pedersoli 10 ga shotgun The first article goes into the very details of hunting with a muzzleloading shotgun. Toby Bridges, a well know expert of blackpowder hunting, guides you through the steps of developing a good load for your ML scatter gun. Click here to read the full article! Big game hunting with the Pedersoli...

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  • Blackpowder hunting with 4 Pedersolis

    It was just a few days to Christmas… The last week of the working year is always kind of busy, but for this time we had a different project in mind then sitting in the office waiting for the year to end. This was not the first time to hunt together with Pierangelo Pedersoli and his son, Paolo here in Hungary. Each year we managed to organize a short driven pheasant and jack rabbit hunt with my friends, but this year’s hunt was a special occasion. We’ve been working on the legislation of...

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  • The 10 most important safety rules of blackpowder shooting

    Never shoot anything else from your gun than factory made blackpowder. Never load your blackpowder gun directly from your flask. Never drink alcohol or take drugs before, during shooting. And this applies for drugs after shooting as well. Know your target. Know what's behind your target before pulling the trigger. If you have a misfire, wait 30 seconds and start to remove the ball after this time passed. The proper way of removing a dead charge: put the hammer in half...

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  • Fallow deer huning with muzzleloader in Gyulaj, Hungary

    [caption id="attachment_198" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Left: the guide, Karoly Csapo, Center: the hunter, Istvan Bagi, Right: Balazs Nemeth, chariman of the Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association[/caption] Another footage from Hungary about the freshly started new blackpowder hunting season.  This is the first trophy game shot with a muzzleloading rifle in Gyulaj, the fallow deer paradise of Hungary. Even if someone is not a hunter, I think this short films delivers accurately the...

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  • DP Missouri River Hawken meets the sabot

    The Capandball guys are testing Pedersoli guns again. They took one of our Missouri River Hawkens to the range to test it with plastic sabot bullest. Hunting loads of course. Check their report. Happy to see that our traditional rifle performs well with modern bullet concepts as well.

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  • Hunting with the Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken

    Please check this excellent article, that is the first part of a line of articles about developing a hunting load for the Pedersoli Missouri River .50 cal fast twist hawken rifle.  Pleas read this excellent article by Toby Bridges. Click here to read the full article!

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