On-line sale of guns and spare parts in Italy according to the current regulation

Guns with limited offensive capacity

This type includes air or compressed air guns, both long and short, whose bullets have a kinetic energy of not more than 7.5 joules, and replicas of antique single shot muzzle loading guns of model and / or typology prior to 1890.

These guns can be purchased by adults over a valid identification document. The purchase is also allowed to foreign citizens who are not resident or domiciled in Italy.

The delivery takes place through the gun dealer and requires the presentation of a valid identity document with the registration of the sales details according to the Italian law.

The possession of muzzle loading guns, one shot, with limited offensive capacity is not subject to the report obligation, for these guns the limits on detention provided for common firearms do not apply.

Multi-shot muzzle-loading guns and breech loading guns

The mail-order sale of breech loading guns and muzzle loading guns with multiple rounds occurs in compliance with the European Directive 853/2017

The actual sale with contextual registration and verification of the securities takes place in the gun dealer shop chosen for delivery

The customer must therefore present himself at the gun dealer shop with IDENTITY DOCUMENTS AND VALID GUN LICENSE or other documents authorizing the purchase and possession of firearms. The same document must be sent in advance to Davide Pedersoli  S.r.l. in the manner described on the product page.

Please note: The sale of guns and gun parts is limited exclusively to the Italian territory. Outside the Italian territory and in compliance with the regulations of the individual states on the online trade in firearms, they cannot be purchased directly from the web only through local dealers.