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  • The new Pedersoli Whitworth rifle

    Some good news to post: we have just started the production of the iconic long range military target rifle of the mid 19th century. Sir Joseph Whitworth, an excellent engineer experimented with various rifling methods to extend the range of the muzzle loading rifle muskets. In the 1850s he designed a small calibre fast twist hexagonal bore rifle, that started the age of long range sport shooting as well. This rifle proved extremely effective in the hands of the Confederate sharpshooters...

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  • 2000 m shot with a Pedersoli Gibbs .45 long range target rifle

    Our Gibbs rifle has been successful in international long range shooting matches for many years. A shooter friend of us now took the performance of this rifle to a higher level. Replicating a legendary shot, Johan van Wyk from South Africa seized the challenge to test his own and the rifle's capabilities at 2 km distance. Here is the report of the shot from Lee Shaver: "Hi Guys, I received this email today from a customer friend of mine in South Africa. He had been in contact with me several...

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  • The most accurate way of measuring your powder charges

    How to measure blackpowder accurately? That’s an interesting question for all of us blackpowder shooters I think. And the answer is sometimes controversial. Some say measuring by weight is the only accurate way, and measuring only by volume is the evidence of a careless shooter. I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle. [caption id="attachment_350" align="alignnone" width="474"] Adjustable measure: quick and handy way of measuring the powder charges. A fine range companion, but...

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  • An outstanding person and a dedicated Pedersoli firearms user

    We are proud all of our customers, but there are some times when we we have to look for the words to express how much respect we have for a shooter. In 2004,  Rhett Brown of Whangaret former NZ Police Officer and construction worker suffered a fractured spine when he fell  3 metres from scaffolding on a construction site – landing on his head! Rhett is confined to a wheelchair and has full-time medical support, but his disability has not stopped him taking up a new sport of single shot...

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  • Shooting the original Springfield rifle musket by Capandball

    We have some interesting stuff for you here. An original U.S. 1863 rifle musket in action, sending lead again 50, 100 and 200 meters downrange. The Capandball YouTube channel also made a review about our Silver Line Springfield, and now here is the test of the original. And in case you have missed the video about the Pedersoli 1861 Springfield, here is your chance to view it:

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  • Hunting with Pedersoli muzzleloaders

    Let me draw your attention to a few new content our users shared recently about some great memories they seized with Pedersoli muzzleloading guns. Turkey hunting with a Pedersoli 10 ga shotgun The first article goes into the very details of hunting with a muzzleloading shotgun. Toby Bridges, a well know expert of blackpowder hunting, guides you through the steps of developing a good load for your ML scatter gun. Click here to read the full article! Big game hunting with the Pedersoli...

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  • Cleaning the Remington with complete disassembly

    The complete method Check if the gun is unloaded. Put the hammer in half cock, release the loading lever and pull the axis forward to remove the cylinder from the frame. Unscrew all the nipples. Remove the grip panels by removing their screw. Loosen the main spring screw located at the front side of the grip frame. Use a brass rod and hammer to push out the strong end of the main spring from it recess. Unscrew the screw of the trigger guard and remove the trigger guard. Unscrew the...

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  • The birth of the 1873 Springfield Trapdoor rifle

    The end of the civil war left huge quantities of surplus military equipment in the Government stocks. The war that took more than 600.000 thousand American lives saw a great number of new inventions on the battlefield including the repeating rifles firing self-contained metallic cartridges. The war ended and the Government with exhausted finances was not keen on spending money on anything that was designed for killing. While in Europe great changes were taking place in infantry tactics. The...

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  • Our Jager rifle and light infantry tactics of the Napoleonic wars

    Here is a new video from the Capandball channel. Seems to me another nice time travel. Capandball is demonstrating the light infantry tactics of the early 19th century with proving the accuracy of our flintlock Jäger rifle in military conditions as well. Give this video time. It will worth it!  

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  • Colse ups of the new Pedersoli 1886 Lever Action rifle

    Pics taken at IWA 2015. The show is still on, so do not forget to stop at our booth! Here are some pics of our new 1886 Lever Action rifle. It will be available this year, early summer, so stay tuned! [gallery link="file" ids="308,309,310,311,312,313,314,315"]

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  • Article about our 45/70 lever action rifle on Guns of the Old West

    Another excellent article about one of our lever action rifles at Guns of the Old West.  The Model 86/71 rifles proved success in the past years, and we are constantly widening its products range to meet all demands from our shooters and hunters. Please check this excellent article by clicking on this link!

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  • IFG USA - see our display room

    We are constantly working on improving our services for our customers. An important step in this process was when we teamed up with 3 other well known Italian firearms manufacturers to establish a supply centre in the United States. Have a look at now at our show room. [gallery link="file" ids="297,298,299,300,301"] IFG-NA, LLC dba Italian Firearms Group 1619 South Kentucky, Suite B-210 - P.O. Box 2726 - 79105 - Amarillo, Texas Phone:  1-800-450-1852 / 1-806-398-0777 / 1-806-398-0778 fax:...

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