Blackpowder shooting

  • Shooting the original Springfield rifle musket by Capandball

    We have some interesting stuff for you here. An original U.S. 1863 rifle musket in action, sending lead again 50, 100 and 200 meters downrange. The Capandball YouTube channel also made a review about our Silver Line Springfield, and now here is the test of the original. And in case you have missed the video about the Pedersoli 1861 Springfield, here is your chance to view it:

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  • Cleaning the Remington with complete disassembly

    The complete method Check if the gun is unloaded. Put the hammer in half cock, release the loading lever and pull the axis forward to remove the cylinder from the frame. Unscrew all the nipples. Remove the grip panels by removing their screw. Loosen the main spring screw located at the front side of the grip frame. Use a brass rod and hammer to push out the strong end of the main spring from it recess. Unscrew the screw of the trigger guard and remove the trigger guard. Unscrew the...

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  • The birth of the 1873 Springfield Trapdoor rifle

    The end of the civil war left huge quantities of surplus military equipment in the Government stocks. The war that took more than 600.000 thousand American lives saw a great number of new inventions on the battlefield including the repeating rifles firing self-contained metallic cartridges. The war ended and the Government with exhausted finances was not keen on spending money on anything that was designed for killing. While in Europe great changes were taking place in infantry tactics. The...

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  • Our Jager rifle and light infantry tactics of the Napoleonic wars

    Here is a new video from the Capandball channel. Seems to me another nice time travel. Capandball is demonstrating the light infantry tactics of the early 19th century with proving the accuracy of our flintlock Jäger rifle in military conditions as well. Give this video time. It will worth it!  

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  • Developing load for .45 cal Pedersoli Gibbs rifle

    A young and enthusiastic Italian shooter was so kind to share with us his expereinces with his first ever muzzleloading gun: a Pedersoli Gibbs .45 long range rifle. Here is his story of success: I am Gianluca Frison, 41 years old, I live at Enego, a small mountain village located on the Sette Comuni plateau (Vicenza). The passion for hunting, harboured since childhood, was passed down from my grandfather to my father and for more than twenty years I have been reloading for several calibres,...

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  • Speedloaders of the Napoleonic times

    Here is an interesting article about some special items of the elite troops of the K.K. Army. We like to think that most of the practical tools of blackpowder shooting and hunting were invented in the 20th century, while there are many ingenious items that were already in use many centuries ago.  Here is one example: speed loading tubes of the Jäger troops.  

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  • Cleaning your full stock muzzleloading rifle

    Here is a short video from one of our contributors, the Capandball channel about a simple but effective cleaning method for full stock blackpowder rifles.  

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  • The Pedersoli 12 ga Classic Double Shotgun in action

    It is out of question that clay target shooting with friends is an excellent way to spend the day. And of course it adds a lot to the business if it is done with muzzleloading shotguns. In the next video you will find a review of our Classic Doubles 12 ga Shotgun with many good advises how to develop your good load for the old double. Enjoy!

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  • The original service method for cleaning your U.S. rifle musket bore

    Extracts from: Rules for the management and cleaning of the rifle musket, model 1863, for the use of soldiers with descriptive plates. (Washington, 1863) After dismounting the barrel from the stock, the soldier had to follow these steps: „To clean the barrel: 1st. Stop the hole in the cone with a peg of wood; pour a gill of water (warm if it can be had) into the muzzle; let it stand a short time to soften the deposit of the powder; put a plug of soft wood into the muzzle and shake the water...

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  • The 10 most important safety rules of blackpowder shooting

    Never shoot anything else from your gun than factory made blackpowder. Never load your blackpowder gun directly from your flask. Never drink alcohol or take drugs before, during shooting. And this applies for drugs after shooting as well. Know your target. Know what's behind your target before pulling the trigger. If you have a misfire, wait 30 seconds and start to remove the ball after this time passed. The proper way of removing a dead charge: put the hammer in half...

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  • Making your flintlock ignition faster in 15 easy steps

    A fast lock - and a good shooter - is essential to shoot straight with a flintlock rifle.  Now here is a short collection about fine tuning your lock to make it as fast as possible. 1. Check the ergonomy of the lock: the sparks should fall directly into the center of the pan. You can play with the lenght of the flint adjust this position, but it's better choose a lock with good ergonomy. 2. Check your flint size: put the hammer in halfcock, close the frizzen. The edge of the flint should...

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  • 38 Pedersoli medals at the World Championships - a review by Pierangelo Pedersoli

    We had our fingers crossed for all the shooters participating at the 26th MLAIC World Championships in Granada from 28th September - 5th October. Such a beautiful place to be. The Spanish people are so friendly, and the range's quality is up to the highest standards. The landscape with the Sierra Nevada in the background is just fabulous. As usual, Pedersoli was one of the principal sponsors of the event, and to be honest, we are always very proud to support the MLAIC international matches....

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