• Fallow deer huning with muzzleloader in Gyulaj, Hungary

    [caption id="attachment_198" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Left: the guide, Karoly Csapo, Center: the hunter, Istvan Bagi, Right: Balazs Nemeth, chariman of the Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association[/caption] Another footage from Hungary about the freshly started new blackpowder hunting season.  This is the first trophy game shot with a muzzleloading rifle in Gyulaj, the fallow deer paradise of Hungary. Even if someone is not a hunter, I think this short films delivers accurately the...

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  • 38 Pedersoli medals at the World Championships - a review by Pierangelo Pedersoli

    We had our fingers crossed for all the shooters participating at the 26th MLAIC World Championships in Granada from 28th September - 5th October. Such a beautiful place to be. The Spanish people are so friendly, and the range's quality is up to the highest standards. The landscape with the Sierra Nevada in the background is just fabulous. As usual, Pedersoli was one of the principal sponsors of the event, and to be honest, we are always very proud to support the MLAIC international matches....

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  • DP Missouri River Hawken meets the sabot

    The Capandball guys are testing Pedersoli guns again. They took one of our Missouri River Hawkens to the range to test it with plastic sabot bullest. Hunting loads of course. Check their report. Happy to see that our traditional rifle performs well with modern bullet concepts as well.

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  • Duelist1954 shooting the Pedersoli Charleville 1766 musket

      Here is another YouTube review of one of our firearms, the 1766 Charleville musket. This film is made by Mike "duelis1954" Beliveau, author of the Guns of the Old West magazine.  Nice job Mike! Many thanks for the review!  

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  • Why not to use unproofed reproduction firearms?

    A friend of mine just found this interesting article about why not to use repros that are not manufactured with high quality standards. You may know that ALL Italian manufactured reproduction must pass the CIP proofing process. This technically means that all of the bores manufactured in Italy must go through high pressure shooting tests. And what is the opposit? Read this article, and think why we are prod to see the CIP proofes on our pistols and rifles....

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  • Lock time differences from hangonne to caplock

    Here is a series of slow motion videos by Capandball showing the difference between the ignition times of different muzzleloading iginition systems. Of course, it depends on the quality of the lock, the quality of the priming powder, and the size and placement of the flash hole. But it is clearly visible that the the caplock fires nearly immediately, while all the other iginition systems have a short delay. The videos are filmed with 400 frame per sec and slowed down to 50%.  

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  • Hunting with the Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken

    Please check this excellent article, that is the first part of a line of articles about developing a hunting load for the Pedersoli Missouri River .50 cal fast twist hawken rifle.  Pleas read this excellent article by Toby Bridges. Click here to read the full article!

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  • What makes a percussion revolver shoot straight?

    Did you ever wonder what makes a percussion revolver shoot straight? What is the difference between a cheap and a more expensive repro? Well, here are the answer you are looking for. When I decided to start blackpowder shooting, I knew I want a percussion revolver. All my experienced shooter friends told me to start with a single shot percussion pistol or rifle to learn the basics, but I guess blackpowder shooting isn't really about logical decisions so I bought my first 1858 New Model Army...

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  • 100 with a Pedersoli Mortimer Target .54 rifle

    Here is pic we received from Hungary, From Balazs Nemeth. He shot this excellent group with his Pedersoli Mortimer rifle at a 50 m offhand (MLAIC Pennsylvania)  practice session practicing for the World Championships. His load was 49 grains of Swiss No. 3 + 18 grains corn meal + .535 roundball with 0.38 spit patch.  Don't know if it is 100 or 99, but it's an excellent group for sure.

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  • The story of the 1857 Württembergischen rifle

    Not too much is known about the history of this excellent rifle. It is often called the „frontloading Mauser”, or „1857 Mauser”. Well these names are all wrong. Let me tell you the story of this rifle briefly, and you'll see why. In the early 1850-s Germany still did not exist. Following the fall of Napoleon a loose confederation of 39 sovereign Germanic states was created. This confederacy was called the Deutscher Bund. Prussia and the Hapsburg Empire were rivals to gain control of this...

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  • Bullet casting in easy steps

    Safety The melting point of lead is very low. It melts at 327,5 Celsius, and starts to evaporate strongly at 500 Celsius. The gases create lead-oxids with the air.  Lead can enter your body if you inhale the gases or the dust of the lead oxids or through the digestive system. Small amount can also enter your body through your skin, but this is only an evanescent quanitity. So I strongly recommend you to keep these simple rules: Always wear eye protection, a shirt with long sleeves, and...

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