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  • The story of the 1857 Württembergischen rifle

    Not too much is known about the history of this excellent rifle. It is often called the „frontloading Mauser”, or „1857 Mauser”. Well these names are all wrong. Let me tell you the story of this rifle briefly, and you'll see why. In the early 1850-s Germany still did not exist. Following the fall of Napoleon a loose confederation of 39 sovereign Germanic states was created. This confederacy was called the Deutscher Bund. Prussia and the Hapsburg Empire were rivals to gain control of this...

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  • Bullet casting in easy steps

    Safety The melting point of lead is very low. It melts at 327,5 Celsius, and starts to evaporate strongly at 500 Celsius. The gases create lead-oxids with the air.  Lead can enter your body if you inhale the gases or the dust of the lead oxids or through the digestive system. Small amount can also enter your body through your skin, but this is only an evanescent quanitity. So I strongly recommend you to keep these simple rules: Always wear eye protection, a shirt with long sleeves, and...

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  • Trapper shooting with the Pedersoli Jäger rifle

    A new short video is posted about living history wekends, trapper shooting by the Capandball guys.  Shooting muzzleloading rifles to various distances from 40-150 meters offhand, without modern shooting gear is a great challenge. The shooter - Balazs - chose one of our Pedersoli Jäger flintlock rifles for these events and for hunting as well. Enjoy the video!   [gallery link="file" ids="128,129,130,131,132,133,134,135"]

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  • 17 simple rules of percussion revolver accuracy

    Always do everything the same way. While developing your load change only one element one time. Limit your load to the lightest possible still giving a tight group. Use corn meal filler to lift the ball to the level of the mouth of the chamber. Use the same volume of corn meal in all the chambers. Slug your bore and use a ball matching the groove to groove diameter of your bore. Slug your chambers: it should size the ball close to your groove to groove diameter. Slug...

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  • The vampire hunters' pistol

    Now this is something interesting we have hidden in the most secret drawer of the Boss. This pistol is for you if you are travelling to Transylvania. Just don't forget to check the local gun laws, and hunting season for vampires. :)   The caliber is .45, the barrel is rifled for looooong range accuracy. Equipped with an underhammer percussion lock for fast and reliable ignition. Silver bullets and onion are not included. ;) [gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="87,88,89,90"]

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  • The easiest method to choose the right patch for your round ball rifle

    The patching material is the key to be accurate with a round ball load. A good patch is made of good quality, dense natural material. You can buy good quality patches in your local blackpowder shop, but you can also make your own. Which ever you choose, keep in mind a few things: You must have a tight patch-ball combination It is easy to determinate the minimum thickness of the material: If your bore measures .50” between the lands, and your ball measures .49” the difference is .01”....

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