• Smokeless powder in a muzzleloader? Iraqveteran8888 does the test so you don't have to!
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    Now this is really interesting stuff. YouTube hero Iraqveteran8888 pushes the blackpowder rifle to its limits to show you how important it is to keep the safety regulations. Remember: never ever load any smokeless or unidentified powder in your muzzleloading gun!

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  • Extreme accuarcy: Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken meets saboted bullets
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    Another excellent article by Toby Bridges: "In a roundabout manner, NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING played a bit of a role in the introduction of the 1-in-24 twist .50 caliber Missouri River Hawken rifle.  At the 2005 and 2006 SHOT Shows, I had made it a point to pay the Davide Pedersoli & Co. display a visit...to kind of keep up on what the company had new, and to visit with my old friend Pierangelo Pedersoli - who now runs that gunmaking operation.  A few years earlier, working with...

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  • A Study Of Muzzleloading KE by Toby Bridges
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    Another excellent hunting related article posted by Toby Bridges on http://www.namlhunt.com: "The limited range of traditionally styled reproduction muzzle-loaded rifles of the 1960's and 1970's can be attributed to the old-style projectiles of the period.  When it comes to retaining game-taking energy at any real distance, the patched soft lead round ball is the least effective hunting projectile.  Now, this isn't meant to rekindle arguments with die-hard patched round ball shooters...it's...

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  • Muzzle loading wild boar hunting in Italy
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    The story of a beautiful day of blackpowder hunting in Braggia, Italy, featuring some well know faces of the blackpowder hunting World.

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  • The new Pedersoli Whitworth rifle
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    Some good news to post: we have just started the production of the iconic long range military target rifle of the mid 19th century. Sir Joseph Whitworth, an excellent engineer experimented with various rifling methods to extend the range of the muzzle loading rifle muskets. In the 1850s he designed a small calibre fast twist hexagonal bore rifle, that started the age of long range sport shooting as well. This rifle proved extremely effective in the hands of the Confederate sharpshooters...

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  • 2000 m shot with a Pedersoli Gibbs .45 long range target rifle
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    Our Gibbs rifle has been successful in international long range shooting matches for many years. A shooter friend of us now took the performance of this rifle to a higher level. Replicating a legendary shot, Johan van Wyk from South Africa seized the challenge to test his own and the rifle's capabilities at 2 km distance. Here is the report of the shot from Lee Shaver: "Hi Guys, I received this email today from a customer friend of mine in South Africa. He had been in contact with me several...

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  • The most accurate way of measuring your powder charges
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    How to measure blackpowder accurately? That’s an interesting question for all of us blackpowder shooters I think. And the answer is sometimes controversial. Some say measuring by weight is the only accurate way, and measuring only by volume is the evidence of a careless shooter. I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle. [caption id="attachment_350" align="alignnone" width="474"] Adjustable measure: quick and handy way of measuring the powder charges. A fine range companion, but...

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  • Shooting the original Springfield rifle musket by Capandball
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    We have some interesting stuff for you here. An original U.S. 1863 rifle musket in action, sending lead again 50, 100 and 200 meters downrange. The Capandball YouTube channel also made a review about our Silver Line Springfield, and now here is the test of the original. And in case you have missed the video about the Pedersoli 1861 Springfield, here is your chance to view it:

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  • Hunting with Pedersoli muzzleloaders
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    Let me draw your attention to a few new content our users shared recently about some great memories they seized with Pedersoli muzzleloading guns. Turkey hunting with a Pedersoli 10 ga shotgun The first article goes into the very details of hunting with a muzzleloading shotgun. Toby Bridges, a well know expert of blackpowder hunting, guides you through the steps of developing a good load for your ML scatter gun. Click here to read the full article! Big game hunting with the Pedersoli...

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  • Cleaning the Remington with complete disassembly
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    The complete method Check if the gun is unloaded. Put the hammer in half cock, release the loading lever and pull the axis forward to remove the cylinder from the frame. Unscrew all the nipples. Remove the grip panels by removing their screw. Loosen the main spring screw located at the front side of the grip frame. Use a brass rod and hammer to push out the strong end of the main spring from it recess. Unscrew the screw of the trigger guard and remove the trigger guard. Unscrew the...

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  • Our Jager rifle and light infantry tactics of the Napoleonic wars
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    Here is a new video from the Capandball channel. Seems to me another nice time travel. Capandball is demonstrating the light infantry tactics of the early 19th century with proving the accuracy of our flintlock Jäger rifle in military conditions as well. Give this video time. It will worth it!  

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  • Developing load for .45 cal Pedersoli Gibbs rifle
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    A young and enthusiastic Italian shooter was so kind to share with us his expereinces with his first ever muzzleloading gun: a Pedersoli Gibbs .45 long range rifle. Here is his story of success: I am Gianluca Frison, 41 years old, I live at Enego, a small mountain village located on the Sette Comuni plateau (Vicenza). The passion for hunting, harboured since childhood, was passed down from my grandfather to my father and for more than twenty years I have been reloading for several calibres,...

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