• New product in sight: Pedersoli Double Flintlock Shotgun
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    Dear All, Please check one of our new products for the year 2017. A flintlock double shotgun for hunters and clay target shooters. At the current stage I can not share more info, but I hope the pictures will speak for themselves. [gallery link="file" ids="456,455,454,453"] Best regards, The Pedersoli Team

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  • Shooting the Pedersoli Mortimer flintlock Shotgun
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    Dear All, Here is another interesting article from the well known outdoor writer Toby Bridges. Please follow the link to read about the magic of patterning a muzzle loading shotgun for clay target shooting or hunting. First Shots With The Pedersoli Mortimer Flintlock 12-Gauge Shotgun The Pedersoli Team

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  • Shooting an original 18th century flintlock short rifle
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    This short video is leading us back to the early days of European flintlock rifle hunting.  The story of a short rifle or "Stutz" made in Bayern or Austria sometime in the 1740s. These rifles were designed with the mounted hunter in mind. Large calibre rifled bore with an elegant waterproof flintlock. What else do you need for a great day at the shooting range?  

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  • Muskets and light infantry fire
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    Capandball has just recently published a video series about two iconic muskets of the Napoleonic wars: the 1777 French and the 1798 Austrian musket. The 3 part series introduces their development, history and basic differences and similarities. The 3rd part is about the accuracy of the original service charges. He is using one of our repros in this part to do the heavy load testing.

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  • Our Jager rifle and light infantry tactics of the Napoleonic wars
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    Here is a new video from the Capandball channel. Seems to me another nice time travel. Capandball is demonstrating the light infantry tactics of the early 19th century with proving the accuracy of our flintlock Jäger rifle in military conditions as well. Give this video time. It will worth it!  

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  • Making your flintlock ignition faster in 15 easy steps
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    A fast lock - and a good shooter - is essential to shoot straight with a flintlock rifle.  Now here is a short collection about fine tuning your lock to make it as fast as possible. 1. Check the ergonomy of the lock: the sparks should fall directly into the center of the pan. You can play with the lenght of the flint adjust this position, but it's better choose a lock with good ergonomy. 2. Check your flint size: put the hammer in halfcock, close the frizzen. The edge of the flint should...

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  • Lock time differences from hangonne to caplock
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    Here is a series of slow motion videos by Capandball showing the difference between the ignition times of different muzzleloading iginition systems. Of course, it depends on the quality of the lock, the quality of the priming powder, and the size and placement of the flash hole. But it is clearly visible that the the caplock fires nearly immediately, while all the other iginition systems have a short delay. The videos are filmed with 400 frame per sec and slowed down to 50%.  

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  • 100 with a Pedersoli Mortimer Target .54 rifle
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    Here is pic we received from Hungary, From Balazs Nemeth. He shot this excellent group with his Pedersoli Mortimer rifle at a 50 m offhand (MLAIC Pennsylvania)  practice session practicing for the World Championships. His load was 49 grains of Swiss No. 3 + 18 grains corn meal + .535 roundball with 0.38 spit patch.  Don't know if it is 100 or 99, but it's an excellent group for sure.

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