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  • Our Jager rifle and light infantry tactics of the Napoleonic wars
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    Here is a new video from the Capandball channel. Seems to me another nice time travel. Capandball is demonstrating the light infantry tactics of the early 19th century with proving the accuracy of our flintlock Jäger rifle in military conditions as well. Give this video time. It will worth it!  

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  • The original service method for cleaning your U.S. rifle musket bore
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    Extracts from: Rules for the management and cleaning of the rifle musket, model 1863, for the use of soldiers with descriptive plates. (Washington, 1863) After dismounting the barrel from the stock, the soldier had to follow these steps: „To clean the barrel: 1st. Stop the hole in the cone with a peg of wood; pour a gill of water (warm if it can be had) into the muzzle; let it stand a short time to soften the deposit of the powder; put a plug of soft wood into the muzzle and shake the water...

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  • Trapper shooting with the Pedersoli Jäger rifle
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    A new short video is posted about living history wekends, trapper shooting by the Capandball guys.  Shooting muzzleloading rifles to various distances from 40-150 meters offhand, without modern shooting gear is a great challenge. The shooter - Balazs - chose one of our Pedersoli Jäger flintlock rifles for these events and for hunting as well. Enjoy the video!   [gallery link="file" ids="128,129,130,131,132,133,134,135"]

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