• Commercial Remington 45/70 cartridges vs. ballistic gelatin
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    Continuing the ballistic gelatin tests of the 45-70 Government cartridges. This time an original 1886 Winchester rifle and a Pedersoli 1886/71 lever action rifle are used to fire the 405 grain SP and 300 grain SJHP Remington cartridges in ballistic gelatin blocks. By the Capandball youtube channel.

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  • Bullet casting in easy steps
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    Safety The melting point of lead is very low. It melts at 327,5 Celsius, and starts to evaporate strongly at 500 Celsius. The gases create lead-oxids with the air.  Lead can enter your body if you inhale the gases or the dust of the lead oxids or through the digestive system. Small amount can also enter your body through your skin, but this is only an evanescent quanitity. So I strongly recommend you to keep these simple rules: Always wear eye protection, a shirt with long sleeves, and...

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  • Updates on the low recoil 45/70 short range load
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    On Saturday I took the low recoil offhand shooting cartridges to the range for some testing. Shot the rifle from a sandbag, and it proved quite accurate at 50 m, with managable recoil. At 100 it was poor against my long range cartridges, but at 50 m the bullets hit the same hole. On Sunday we had a 50 m offhand BPCR match that I shot with these BPCR cartridges (34 gr 3Fg Swiss, corn meal filler, cardboard wad, .458" 405 Grain Lyman bullet, soft Minié lube, no crimp). The first 5 shots went...

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  • Short range target load for a Pedersoli 45/70 bore
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    I am just preparing for the weekend with some low recoil 50 meters loads for my Pedersoli Rolling Block 45/70 rifle for offhand shooting. I loaded 28 cartridges with 34 grains of 3Fg Swiss powder + 25 grains of semiola + a cardboard wad + a 405 grain Lyman flat point bullet sized to .458". Overall cartridge length: 68,77 mm, no crimp, fire formed cases. Lube is my soft lube with 0W40 engine oil + besswax + tallow. I usally shoot heavier bullets (Lyman Postel) with heavier loads (55 grains...

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  • Reloading the 45/70 for Pedersoli Rolling Block rifle
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    We just received some excellent info  from our friend in France, Johannes Couturier. He is shooting one of our 45/70 Rolling Block rifles with excellent results at 100 meters. He is reloading his own cartridges, here is his recipi. "Rectified Remington cartridge cases, fireformed, partially sized and cleaned inside and out after each shot. The primers are CCI BR2 “bench rest”. Bullets made with a custom Steve Brooks mould producing a 500 grains bullet. Alloy 95% lead, 5% tin, chosen by weight...

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