Blackpowder hunting

  • Cleaning your full stock muzzleloading rifle
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    Here is a short video from one of our contributors, the Capandball channel about a simple but effective cleaning method for full stock blackpowder rifles.  

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  • The Pedersoli 12 ga Classic Double Shotgun in action
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    It is out of question that clay target shooting with friends is an excellent way to spend the day. And of course it adds a lot to the business if it is done with muzzleloading shotguns. In the next video you will find a review of our Classic Doubles 12 ga Shotgun with many good advises how to develop your good load for the old double. Enjoy!

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  • Duck hunting with a Pedersoli muzzleloader and steel shot
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     "I had used some larger pieces of driftwood and some bailing twine to tie together a fairly solid frame for a blind, to which I tied a hundred or so willow saplings to build a fairly comfortable and roomy blind.      That blind just happened to be located at the downriver point of a small island in the river.  The chute that actually made it an "island" is about 3/4-mile in length, and most of the upstream section is so shallow that you can wade across without anything more than a regular...

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  • The 10 most important safety rules of blackpowder shooting
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    Never shoot anything else from your gun than factory made blackpowder. Never load your blackpowder gun directly from your flask. Never drink alcohol or take drugs before, during shooting. And this applies for drugs after shooting as well. Know your target. Know what's behind your target before pulling the trigger. If you have a misfire, wait 30 seconds and start to remove the ball after this time passed. The proper way of removing a dead charge: put the hammer in half...

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  • Making your flintlock ignition faster in 15 easy steps
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    A fast lock - and a good shooter - is essential to shoot straight with a flintlock rifle.  Now here is a short collection about fine tuning your lock to make it as fast as possible. 1. Check the ergonomy of the lock: the sparks should fall directly into the center of the pan. You can play with the lenght of the flint adjust this position, but it's better choose a lock with good ergonomy. 2. Check your flint size: put the hammer in halfcock, close the frizzen. The edge of the flint should...

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  • Fallow deer huning with muzzleloader in Gyulaj, Hungary
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    [caption id="attachment_198" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Left: the guide, Karoly Csapo, Center: the hunter, Istvan Bagi, Right: Balazs Nemeth, chariman of the Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association[/caption] Another footage from Hungary about the freshly started new blackpowder hunting season.  This is the first trophy game shot with a muzzleloading rifle in Gyulaj, the fallow deer paradise of Hungary. Even if someone is not a hunter, I think this short films delivers accurately the...

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  • DP Missouri River Hawken meets the sabot
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    The Capandball guys are testing Pedersoli guns again. They took one of our Missouri River Hawkens to the range to test it with plastic sabot bullest. Hunting loads of course. Check their report. Happy to see that our traditional rifle performs well with modern bullet concepts as well.

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  • Hunting with the Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken
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    Please check this excellent article, that is the first part of a line of articles about developing a hunting load for the Pedersoli Missouri River .50 cal fast twist hawken rifle.  Pleas read this excellent article by Toby Bridges. Click here to read the full article!

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  • Bullet casting in easy steps
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    Safety The melting point of lead is very low. It melts at 327,5 Celsius, and starts to evaporate strongly at 500 Celsius. The gases create lead-oxids with the air.  Lead can enter your body if you inhale the gases or the dust of the lead oxids or through the digestive system. Small amount can also enter your body through your skin, but this is only an evanescent quanitity. So I strongly recommend you to keep these simple rules: Always wear eye protection, a shirt with long sleeves, and...

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  • Hunting with the 45/70 Springfield Trapdoor
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    The 45/70 was and always will be an excellent short range hunting round. With exceptional accuracy and good stopping power it is getting more and more popular here in Europe as well. Here is a short presentation of our Trapdoor carbine.  The majority of this video is in Italian, but the last part about the hunting is in English.

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  • The spirit of blackpowder hunting
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    The spirit of balckpowder hunting. What makes this experience special? Check this short film to understand the blackpowder hunters.

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  • The easiest method to choose the right patch for your round ball rifle
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    The patching material is the key to be accurate with a round ball load. A good patch is made of good quality, dense natural material. You can buy good quality patches in your local blackpowder shop, but you can also make your own. Which ever you choose, keep in mind a few things: You must have a tight patch-ball combination It is easy to determinate the minimum thickness of the material: If your bore measures .50” between the lands, and your ball measures .49” the difference is .01”....

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