Springfield mod. 1861 US Rifle

Model: S243
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Suitable for: Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting Historical re-enactmentHistorical re-enactment

Year of the gun: 1861-1865

Loading: Muzzle loading

Ignition: Percussion

Number of grooves: 3

Twist in mm: 1828

Twist in inches: 1:72

Barrel length mm: 1016,00

Barrel length inches: 40

Total Length mm: 1420,00

Total Length inches: 56

Weight in kilos: 4,400

Weight in pounds: 9.69

Bullet Code: 036U523577

Bullet Mould Code: 034U309577

Price list category: S.243

Classification: NON PREV

Nipple: 036U481003

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Product Reviews
A very close replica with modern metallurgy.
rating 5

The Springfield Model 1861 Rifle-Musket was the most common weapon used on the Civil War and would remain in service converted to breach loaded into the era of smokeless powder. I had a chance to spend a week with one of these rifles and the weapon is outstanding quality. The wood is full-grained without the color lines that come from using center wood. All parts in the rifle are close or even exact matches to the original rifle. The metal of the Pedersoli though is much high quality than the original rifles and seems to be made from some sort of steel instead of the softer iron Springfield used in their factor. The rifle fires standard Minié ball, and can sued hand mixed black powder or modern black powder substitutes. At 4.45 kilos the weapon is the precise weight of the original. I set one up with reproduction leather for a friend to replace his original 1861 in wall display and other than the Perdersoli weapon lacking 160 years of handling marks, the weapon is useful not just for display, but for sports shooting. Remember that black powder weapons are not as accurate as modern firearms and that the length of the weapon can be fatigue causing for most shooters.


Thank you, Mr. McKeeby!


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