Remington Pattern Revolver "PEDERSOLI TARGET"

Model: S349
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After the success obtained in the target shooting with Rogers & Spencer “Pedersoli” Target model and under specific requirements from shooters, we introduced this new target revolver, produced on the Remington model.

The materials used are of the best quality, enhancing the ballistic characteristics of the barrel, of the cylinder and of the trigger set mechanism. The gun has been expressly “customized” by our crafts-workers and shooters, with the purpose to give the gun a good functionality with the very first use.

The non-reflecting barrel, the anti-wear cylinder and the rifling twist have been designed to give the shooter the best chance.

Suitable for: Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting
yesSporting gun

Year of the gun: 1863-1875

Loading: Muzzle loading

Ignition: Percussion

Sporting gun: yes

Number of grooves: 7

Twist in mm: 450

Twist in inches: 1:18

Barrel length mm: 190,00

Barrel length inches: 7 1/2

Total Length mm: 340,00

Total Length inches: 13 3/8

Weight in kilos: 0,940

Weight in pounds: 2.07

Bullet Code: 036U520454

Bullet Mould Code: 034U307454

Price list category: S.349

Classification: NON PREV

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