Gun's Turbo Cleaner

Model: 036U538000
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Steam cleaning machine for muzzle loading and many other guns. Featuring a steam boiler, a flexible tube 2 meters long with a fast connect handle with the stainless steel lance to direct the steam. The lance is 93,5 cm long and 8 mm diameter equipped with three discharge holes for best barrel cleaning. The lance is Teflon coated to prevent possible damage to the barrel.

You must wear the safety gloves supplied when handling the hot barrel as the steel could cause serious burns if handled without suitable protective clothing.

There are optional lances 112cm long and 26 cm long, this last features only one central flushing hole.

The Turbo Gun Cleaner is equipped with a heating boiler with a water capacity of 1,5 litres sufficient for twenty minutes of continuous steam flushing at approx. 130°C temperature. The machine draws 1500 Watts and is available for 110 or 220 Volt power. Heating is controlled electronically to minimise electricity consumption when maximum temperature is reached. The working pressure is 3,5 bar.

Heater boiler dimensions: 290x270x210H mm; weight 6 kilos, cable 2 meters. Operating temperature is reached in 10 minutes.


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