Set indoor Kentucky Pistol percussion model

Model: C313
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The feasible solution to shoot indoor, also in private places, with muzzle loading guns without the need of black powder, using specific polymer round balls.
The Indoor Set includes:

  • the Kentucky pistol percussion .45 caliber 020S313450 (already equipped with the conversion nipple)
  • gun case 032U376000
  • 100 polymer round balls 036U57044U 
  • 100 patches 036U000545.

Suitable for: Indoor Target shootingIndoor Target shooting

Year of the gun: 1750-1850

Ignition: Percussion

Number of grooves: 12

Twist in mm: 450

Twist in inches: 1:18

Barrel length mm: 264,00

Barrel length inches: 10 3/8

Total Length mm: 390,00

Total Length inches: 15 3/8

Weight in kilos: 3,030

Weight in pounds: 2.31

Price list category: C.313-45

Classification: NON PREV

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