100 indoor balls

Model: U570
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The "Indoor Balls" are lead-free round balls, made of artificial polymer resin, with a specific weight, able to mantain a good trajectory and pierce the paper target; useful in training; shooting distance 12-15 meters; reduce danger, because they break when hitting hard surface.
Patched ball for muzzle-loading guns, they can also be used with Pedersoli brass cases (USA 518) specific for breech-loading revolvers and rifles, always for indoor shooting.
Available in: .36 (.354) 24gr; .44 (.440) 28gr.
The "Indoor Balls" are sold in pratical packs of 100 pieces.


Product Reviews
Palle indoor
rating 5
100 palle indoor calibro .354
rating 5
Ottime palle in lega per il tiro indoor con innesco .209