Howdah Hunter Flintlock

Model: S388
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The success enjoyed by the flintlock version of our side by side muzzle loading shotgun has led us to introduce a short model, double barrel, with the same ignition system.

Chambered in 20 gauge smooth bore, the important walnut stock, the pair of flint locks with a light case hardened finish.

Our Howdah Hunter flintlock double barrel pistol, of elegant, design, romantic, but effective, thanks to the pair of barrels, that enable loading either shot or round ball

Suitable for:

Loading: Muzzle loading

Ignition: Flintlock Percussion

Barrel length mm: 285,00

Barrel length inches: 11 1/4

Total Length mm: 450,00

Total Length inches: 17 3/4

Weight in kilos: 2,200

Weight in pounds: 4.40

Price list category: S.388

Classification: NON PREV

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