"Ghost" Creedmoor sight

Model: 036U422000
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USA422 - A tang sight that gets the inspiration from some models in use in the 1800s, functional and useful for the hunting. Adjustable in elevation and windage, it can fit several guns types. The small eye piece ring (ø .157 - 4 mm) enables a quick instinctive aiming at the target, while quickly shouldering the rifle, the open ring provides a clear sight picture with low light condition.

Distance between the two mounting holes: 1 3/4” (45,30 mm). 

Thanks to the additional components supplied with the ghost sight, it can fit the following Pedersoli guns: Traditional Hawken, Kodiak Express, side by side muzzle loading shotguns, Howdah double barrel.
Please note that using this sight on the side by side shotgun you will have to change the existing front sight with one of minimum 17 mm hight. If using the Ghost sight on the Howdah, the front sight has to be 14mm minimum.


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