"Goodwin Style" Creedmoor sight for Gibbs

Model: 036U40700A
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USA407A - This high precision Creedmoor sight with cylindrical staff off center to the axis of the barrel was popular with long range target shooters in the late 1800’s. Thanks to its “flag” position, the eye piece slide enables a very wide windage adjustment with a movement of 1.26” (32 mm), particularly useful in strong wind conditions.

The elevation adjustment has a movement of 2.85” (72 mm)

The structural features of the Goodwin Creedmoor sight offers the advantage to reach the rifle chamber with any cleaning device and to inspect the barrel between the shots.

The sight base has a “tilt” screw which allows the staff to be set perfectly vertical at all elevations.

To mount on the Gibbs rifle. Distance between the two mounting holes 1 3/4" about (45,30mm)


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