1874 Sharps Bench Rest 28"

Model: S758
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This Sharps rifle is equipped specially for the Bench Rest shooters who want to practice with a gun having strong historical connotations. One of the main technical points of the rifle is the Lothar Walther barrel with a matt blue finish.

The frame and the steel parts are case hardened finish.

Both the stock, which has a higher comb to allow better use of the telescope sight, and the forend are made of walnut, oil finished.

The barrel is drilled and tapped to mount the telescope sight (we suggest Malcolm short scope 6x model - USA 508-6).

Suitable for: Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting
Stecher yesSporting gun

Year of the gun: 1874

Loading: Breech loading

Attachment: Download attachment

Sporting gun: yes

Number of grooves: 8

Twist in mm: 416

Twist in inches: 1:16

Barrel length mm: 700,00

Barrel length inches: 27 9/16

Total Length mm: 1130,00

Total Length inches: 44 1/2

Weight in kilos: 5,900

Weight in pounds: 12.99

Creedmor: 036U465000

Sight: 036U426000

Price list category: S.758-022

Classification: 12_00645s2