1874 Sharps Old West "Walnut" 30"

Model: S769
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There were several new series of these guns, both following the old time gunsmiths personal initiative and obeying the specific request of the customers. The custom work intended to improve the rifles mechanically, to equip them with new Creedmoor sights, or simply to vary the aesthetics of the rifle with inlays, engravings or customized work to the stock.

The new 1874 Sharps Old West gets the inspiration from a rifle made by Henry Slotterbeck, a gunsmith from Württemberg emigrated to the States around the 1850 who, after having worked for some years for Henry Deringer in Philadelphia, founded the Slotter & Co.

The stock has brass parts for both the  “Walnut” and "Maple" versions.

On the right side of the butt stock there is a  plate that can be personalized with some engraving of choice.

The forend has wedge plates. The pistol grip cap is made of case hardened steel.

Creedmoor and tunnel sights not included.

Suitable for: Wild huntingWild hunting Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting
.45-70 Gov.

Year of the gun: 1874

Loading: Breech loading

Attachment: Download attachment

Number of grooves: 6

Twist in mm: 460

Twist in inches: 1:18

Barrel length mm: 762,00

Barrel length inches: 30

Total Length mm: 1220,00

Total Length inches: 48 1/16

Weight in kilos: 5,200

Weight in pounds: 11.46

Price list category: S.769-457

Classification: 12_02559