Tryon "Match" Rifle

Model: S251
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This version of the Tryon rifle, equipped with Universal Middle Range Creedmoor sight (USA 465) and the front tunnel sight with interchangeable inserts (USA 469-A), is a further choice for the target shooting with its fast twist which allow the use of conical or Minié bullets. The barrel is blue and most of garnitures are coin colour finished.

Suitable for: Wild huntingWild hunting Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting

Year of the gun: 1845

Ignition: Percussion

Number of grooves: 5

Twist in mm: 530

Twist in inches: 1:21

Barrel length mm: 820,00

Barrel length inches: 32 5/16

Total Length mm: 1230,00

Total Length inches: 48 7/16

Weight in kilos: 4,600

Weight in pounds: 10.14

Bullet Code: 036U523450

Bullet Mould Code: 034U309450

Price list category: S.251

Classification: NON PREV

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