Rolling Block Silhouette 30"

Model: S865
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Rolling Block Silhouette with tapered octagonal blue barrel, case hardened frame and metal parts.

The rifle is really competitive in the Silhouette shooting, from which the name is taken, equipped with double set trigger.

The walnut stock is shaped in the typical configuration used in the off hand shooting as well as for shooting from crossed sticks or bench: high straight comb meets NRA current rules, large butt plate, checkered pistol grip; forend with metal cap.

Suitable for: Wild huntingWild hunting Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting
.45-70 Gov.

Year of the gun: 1868-1890

Loading: Breech loading

Number of grooves: 6

Twist in mm: 460

Twist in inches: 1:18

Barrel length mm: 762,00

Barrel length inches: 30

Total Length mm: 1187,00

Total Length inches: 46 3/4

Weight in kilos: 4,600

Weight in pounds: 10.13

Price list category: S.865-457

Classification: 12_02559

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