Rolling Block Creedmoor N.2 30"

Model: S822
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During the last decades of the 1800s the custom making of the guns was a widespread habit among the American shooters. The requests were for different barrel’s lengths, special grip shapes, tang sight equipments and whenever possible the set trigger equipment.

Following the same pattern, we made this Rolling Block version to satisfy the exigencies of numerous shooters all over the world.

It features a round matt blued barrel, coin finish colour frame, double set trigger.

The pistol grip stock and the forend are made of selected checkered walnut.

Suitable for: Wild huntingWild hunting Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting
.45-70 Gov.

Year of the gun: 1868-1890

Loading: Breech loading

Attachment: Download attachment

Number of grooves: 6

Twist in mm: 460

Twist in inches: 1:18

Barrel length mm: 762,00

Barrel length inches: 30

Total Length mm: 1170,00

Total Length inches: 46 1/16

Weight in kilos: 6,100

Weight in pounds: 9.25

Creedmor: 036U430000

Sight: 036U4690-R

Price list category: S.822-457

Classification: 12_02559