"Slug" Side by Side cal.12 CYL./CYL.

Model: S293
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Muzzle loading Side by Side cal.12 CYL./CYL.  for those passionately fond of hunting, with pistol grip stock, blued locks and metal parts, fiberglass ramrod with jag. Cylinder barrels blued and chromed inside, with folding rear sight and pearl front sight.

It is perfect for the hunting either with balls and shot.

Suitable for: Wild huntingWild hunting Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting Bird huntingBird hunting

Year of the gun: 1850

Loading: Muzzle loading

Ignition: Percussion

Attachment: Download attachment

Barrel length mm: 650,00

Barrel length inches: 25 5/8

Total Length mm: 1060,00

Total Length inches: 41 3/4

Weight in kilos: 3,400

Weight in pounds: 7.05

Price list category: S.293

Classification: NON PREV