Rolling Block musket primer hardwood Rifle

Model: S883
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The typical western fascination of the Rolling Block model but matching the simplicity of a muzzle loading rifle. The PMG quality barrel, makes it ideal for hunting activities, thanks to the fast twist rifling, designed to load conical and sabot bullets. The frame is produced of light alloy, contributing to reduced weight of the rifle, while the microcell butt plate absorbs a good part of the recoil.
Equipped with fiber optic front sight and a weaver/picatinny base with integrated rear sight.

Suitable for: Wild huntingWild hunting

Year of the gun: 1868-1890

Loading: Muzzle loading

Number of grooves: 6

Twist in mm: 600

Twist in inches: 1:24

Barrel length mm: 711,00

Barrel length inches: 28

Total Length mm: 1,18

Total Length inches: 44

Weight in kilos: 4,800

Weight in pounds: 8.60

Bullet Code: 036U521500

Bullet Mould Code: 034U318500

Price list category: S.883

Classification: NON PREV

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