Mod.1814 Fanteria Rifle

Model: S191
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Patterned from the French 1777 musket to equip the infantry troops of our Peninsula.
Long musket, with certain weight, differs from a second lighter version supplied to the Carabinieri corps on foot.
Walnut stock and steel garnitures.

Suitable for: Historical re-enactmentHistorical re-enactment
17,5 mm

Year of the gun: 1814

Barrel length mm: 1135,00

Barrel length inches: 44 11/16

Total Length mm: 1510,00

Total Length inches: 59 7/16

Weight in kilos: 3,100

Weight in pounds: 9.92

Bullet Code: 036U520675

Bullet Mould Code: 034U306675

Price list category: S.191

Classification: NON PREV

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