Bobcat cal.22 hornet (american thread)

Model: S197
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From the same genus as the Lynx, bobcats are most common to North America, of all the lynx species, with distinct dark stripes on the forelegs and tails and stubby tails.
It is equally at home, in marshes and swampy areas in the southern part of the continent, to desert and scrub in the western regions to mountainous, forested areas in the north.
Smaller by far than the bigger African cats, but second to none for speed, courage and predatory skills.

Based on the Black Widow line, the new Bobcat single-shot carbine, chambered in .22 Hornet, is similarly small. but effective.
Capable of respectable performance, both on the shooting range or out hunting, in countries and environments where this caliber is permitted.

The Bobcat carbine is equipped with a techno-polymer stock and the solid steel action frame, a PMG quality barrel, threaded at the muzzle, adjustable sights and provision for a dedicated Picatinny rail.
The action is protected by CERAKOTE TITANIUM finish, while the remaining metal parts are bright blued.

Light and portable, thanks to the barrel folding back towards the stock, drastically reducing the overall dimensions and allowing it to be stored in limited spaces.

Suitable for: Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting
.22 Hornet

Loading: Breech loading

Ignition: Percussion

Number of grooves: 6

Twist in mm: 406

Twist in inches: 1:15

Barrel length mm: 488,00

Barrel length inches: 19

Total Length mm: 913,00

Total Length inches: 36

Weight in pounds: 3.30

Price list category: S.197-220

Classification: 22_00388

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