CS Richmond Type III Rifle

Modello: S205
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It was produced using the machines and equipment transferred from the Harper’s Ferry arsenal, closed on April 18, 1861 to Richmond, the Confederate Capital. The Richmond State Armoury was founded and replacing the Virginia Manufactory Arms. This gun was one of the most popular during the American Civil War, it was manufactured basing on the US 1855 Model with the Maynard tape igniting system. Except for the lock’s profile, the brass butt plate and the stock nose cap, the gun’s look remember the Model US 1861, the corresponding infantry musket of the Northern troops, which is referable to the previous US 1855.
The gun is equipped with two sling swivels, one fit under the mid band and the other one fit in front of the trigger guard. The stock is made of walnut.

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Anno Arma: 1862-1865

Allegato: Scarica allegato

Numero righe: 3

Passo in mm: 1828

Passo in pollici: 1:72

Lunghezza Canna in mm: 1010,00

Lunghezza canna in pollici: 39 3/4

Lunghezza Totale mm: 1422,00

Lunghezza Totale pollici: 56

Peso in kg: 4,400

Codice Palle: 036U523577

Codice Pallottiere: 034U309577

Famiglia Listino: S.205

Classificazione: NON PREV