1862 Sharps Confederate Carbine 22"

Model: S763
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Among the guns produced in the Confederate arsenals during the American Civil War, there was a carbine borrowed from the 1859 Sharps model and produced in about two thousand units by the “S.C. Robinson Arms Manufactury” in Richmond, Virginia from 1862 to 1863.

The rifle was different from the Sharps for the absence of the automatic primer dispenser device in the upper part of the frame. Our reproduction gun is addressed to the fond shooters of American guns and to the historical re-enactors of the Civil War battles.

Suitable for: Wild huntingWild hunting Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting Historical re-enactmentHistorical re-enactment

Year of the gun: 1862

Ignition: Percussion

Number of grooves: 7

Twist in mm: 1200

Twist in inches: 1:48

Barrel length mm: 560,00

Barrel length inches: 22

Total Length mm: 985,00

Total Length inches: 38 13/16

Weight in kilos: 3,700

Weight in pounds: 8.15

Price list category: S.763-54

Classification: NON PREV

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