An IX De Gendarmerie Commemorative Pistol

Model: L331
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On the two hundredth anniversary of those events, and in the sixth year of the “Ten years of collection” project, Davide Pedersoli has reproduced the gendarmerie pistol An IX model.

As was the custom for the guns addressed to the cavalry, it was manufactured in pairs and until 1819 the imperial manufacture of Maubeuge produced 32,000 pairs. Notwithstanding the denomination of the pistol to the gendarmerie, it was common to equip also the infantry officers with this little pistol. The gun is .15,2mm calibre, 128mm barrel’s length: the overall length is 250mm.

On the grip it is encrusted with a medal that reproduces a medal coined to celebrate the Wien peace treaty: at the center is the heroes’ silhouette holding a lighted torch in the left hand pointing to a bunch of destroyed guns, while with the right hand is putting an olive branch on the peace altar. The gun is supplied with an Authenticity Certificate on parchment paper for the limited edition of five hundred guns.

The single or double pistol case is available upon request. The inside of the case is lined with fine cloth and fitted with a glass lid: an important accessory that will extol the beauty and elegance of the gun as well as providing storage protection.

Suitable for: Historical re-enactmentHistorical re-enactment
15,2 mm

Year of the gun: 1805-1819

Loading: Muzzle loading

Ignition: Flintlock

Barrel length mm: 125,00

Barrel length inches: 4 15/16

Total Length mm: 250,00

Total Length inches: 9 7/8

Weight in kilos: 0,710

Weight in pounds: 1.56

Bullet Code: 036U520575

Bullet Mould Code: 034U306575

Price list category: L.331

Classification: NON PREV

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