86/71 Lever Action Droptine .30-30 Winchester

Model: S733
Deer hunting
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The elusive and rare droptine deer is the result of abnormal antler growth, characterized by the downward of one or more tines on either or both left and right racks of antlers.
Typical of extremely long-lived animals, droptines are attributed with shrewdness and cunning and the ability to escape the aim of predators and hunters alike.

The new 86/71 Lever Action Droptine Rifle with tubolar magazine, is smooth and fast, thanks to the solid steel CNC machined lever and receiver.
Available in the long-lived .30-30 Winchester caliber, coming down to us from a glorious past, it continues to be relevant today.
It has been revised in this modern version, thanks to the excellent restyling by the main commercial ammunition manufactures and consumer demand.
This model is characterized using innovative components and materials, as well as an affordable price.

We are proud to include this famous caliber in the Boarbuster line, having developed a specific version featuring the elegant stock/forend tobacco color and matte black metal parts.
The PMG barrel, threaded 5/8"x24UNF at the muzzle is equipped with fiber optic front sight and the Picatinny base with integrated rear sight.
After much research and development, we have engineered a special loading lever that is both ergonomic and large enough, to enables ease of loading while wearing protective gloves or comfortable enough with bare hands.
Equipped with a Microcell butt pad for higher absorption recoil than typical rubber pad, the innovative techno-polymer stock has both vertical and horizontal adjustments.

Suitable for: Wild huntingWild hunting
.30-30 Winchester

Year of the gun: 1886

Loading: Breech loading

Number of grooves: 6

Twist in mm: 305

Twist in inches: 1:12

Barrel length mm: 483,00

Barrel length inches: 19

Total Length mm: 950,00

Total Length inches: 37 7/16

Weight in kilos: 3,800

Weight in pounds: 8.6

Classification: 22_00389

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