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Model: S180
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Another creation from the Ferdinand and Francis Cook brothers, featuring a 33” barrel length. The rifle version previously manufactured in New Orleans and later in Athens, GA, like the carbine version has the distinctive features of the C&B models: brass garnitures, brown colour barrel, walnut stock. Our reproduction is faithful to the original details including the marks and the cartouche, while the PMG barrel, broach rifled makes this model an excellent choice for 100 meters target shooting.

Suitable for: Sport Target shootingSport Target shooting Historical re-enactmentHistorical re-enactment

Year of the gun: 1861-1864

Ignition: Percussion

Number of grooves: 5

Twist in mm: 1200

Twist in inches: 1:48

Barrel length mm: 838,00

Barrel length inches: 33

Total Length mm: 1230,00

Total Length inches: 48 7/16

Weight in kilos: 4,400

Weight in pounds: 8.60

Bullet Code: 036U523577

Bullet Mould Code: 034U309577

Price list category: S.180

Classification: NON PREV

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