An IX Commemorative Pistol with case

Model: C997
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For the 2004 year, the Davide Pedersoli company wanted to remember the 18th of May 1804 event when Napoleon Bonaparte was proclaimed Emperor of France with the name of Napoleon the 1st. The crowning ceremony was performed on the 2nd of December of the same year in Notre Dame cathedral and was attended by Pope Pius VII.

For France, the year 1804 was also the year the seven Codes of Law including the Civil Code was issued with it's judicial unification, a very important reform, not only for France but influencing all nations plus giving a fiscal and monetary stabilization as well as administrative efficiency.

Napoleon was not only a skilled military commander, but in that period he appears as a far seeing political leader in the matter of civil rights. After 200 years, to celebrate these significant events of Napoleonic history, we now introduce a limited series of the French cavalry pistol AN IX model.

The pistol is offered in a handsome wood case with glass lid through which the elegant AN IX pistol stands out on a French national colour blue lining.

On the grip there is inlet a medal with the Napoleonic "N" letter and a laurel wreath; the same drawing is on the case window as a serigraph on the left top corner.

Suitable for: Historical re-enactmentHistorical re-enactment
17,5 mm

Year of the gun: 1803-1807

Attachment: Download attachment

Barrel length mm: 210,00

Barrel length inches: 8 1/4

Total Length mm: 350,00

Total Length inches: 13 13/16

Weight in kilos: 3,700

Weight in pounds: 2.97

Bullet Code: 036U520675

Bullet Mould Code: 034U306675

Price list category: C.997

Classification: NON PREV